While his team is riding on top of the La Liga standings, Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen says that he is is having a hard time to cope with his role as understudy for the completion.

“It’s not easy being in a situation where I’m not currently the clear No. 1,” ter Stegen said in an interview with German newspaper Express. “I received a nice welcome, but it’s not like someone rolls out the red carpet for you here.”

Ter Stegen came to Barcelona in the summer of last year along with fellow goalkeeper Claudio Bravo. However, the young goalkeeper served more as a backup for the more experience Bravo, having made only 15 appearances. A back injury that he suffered during the start of the season further aggravated the young player’s situation.

“It is difficult for me to accept that I only sit on the bench in the league. I want to play more, of course,” ter Stegen lamented.

However, the 22-year old is still optimistic that he will be able to make his mark on the team. “It would have been naive to believe that it’s an easy job to become the undisputed No. 1 at Barcelona,” he remarked.

“But that’s my target, and it’s something I will tackle with all my ambition.”

Ter Stegen is also very happy with the way the team is performing in all of its competitions. “We’ve reached the [Copa del Rey] cup final, and naturally we want maximum success in the league and Champions League. We are number one in the La Liga standings right now, and in the Champions League I desperately want to advance to the next round.”

“That’s why I joined this club,” he remarked. “I want to win titles. We’ve played a good season until now.”

Barcelona is currently two points clear of the top of the Liga standings and are also set to face Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League quarterfinals.

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