With former Premier League champions Manchester City now experiencing a slump, manager Manuel Pellegrini admits that they need someone like Lionel Messi to get them back on track.

Pellegrini made a remarked when asked about what he thinks needs to be done to gtet the ailing city back into top team form.  “First we need to find another Messi! He makes the difference, without doubt, like (Cristiano) Ronaldo at Real Madrid,” he said. He also hailed Messi’s performance during Barcelona’s Champions League semis match against Bayern Munich, where the forward’s two goals in quick succession helped drive the Barcas 3-0 past the Bavarians.

The City’s boss also related how they had a hard time with the instances they had to face Barcelona during the last two years, where he remarked that they had been rather unlucky having to face the Spanish squad in their top form.

However, he also pointed out that Messi is not the only factor why Barcelona is a top-caliber team. Pellegrini said that the kind of team that surrounds the 27-year old player, as well as the quality of support they provide him also matters a lot, which he added Barcelona had shown during their match against Bayern.

When asked who he thinks would be the Messi for Manchester, Pellegrini points to Sergio Aguero. The manager said the 26-year old strike had a great performance this season, having netted 28 goals for the team so far. However, Pellegrini notes that Aguero still has a long way to go, with injuries limiting his chances to reach his full potential.

Meanwhile, Pellegrini chose to keep mum about the report that Yaya Toure is set to move out of the team this summer. He also declined to comments made by the midfielder’s agent Dmitri Seluk. Nevertheless, Pellegrini jokingly remarked that he still has no idea how to celebrate the Ivorian player’s birthday next week. It should be noted that Seluk made a controversial remark last year that Man City disrespected his client by forgetting his birthday.

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