After a surprising 2-1 loss against Crystal Palace, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini says that he isn’t concerned about how the outcome will affect his position.

“I never have fear about it, I do my work, I’m very happy,” Pellegrini said when asked about his thoughts on the loss and how it will affect his work. “The team maybe have a difficult season but never worry about me.”

“I’m not concerned about my job. That is one thing I am never concerned with” he further stressed.

Pellegrini also dismissed the notion that his side’s Premier League title defenced is now pretty much over. “We are not talking about the title or Chelsea. We are thinking only about winning our games. That is the only duty we have. Then at the end of the season, we will see which team has the most points with the second place, the third place, the fourth place. We don’t think about any more than that.”

The Chilean manager also noted the challenge that they face by the end of the season. “Every time you drop points it is a big blow. At the end of the season, every point you drop is costly, but you can lose once playing this way. If we play this way again, normally you win.”

However, Pellegrini reiterated that he is still very confident with his team’s performance. “I am very pleased with the way my team played,” he said of his players/

“They played really well. From the beginning to the end we had a lot of possession and lots of chances and we lose the game because they score a goal from an offside and a beautiful free kick. That was the only thing they did the whole game.”

When asked about the upcoming Manchester derby on Sunday, Pellegrini downplayed its significance. “Every game is important,” he stressed. “We have 21 points [to play for] and normally it is just one point or two point between each position, so we have to try to win as many points as we can.”


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