With goalkeeper David De Gea yet to sign a new contract with Manchester United, the team are looking for another option in Hugo Lloris.

This was revealed to the media by sources, who also said that Lloris might do the move from Tottenham if given the offer. The 28-year old goalkeeper has earlier expressed the desire to be able to play in the Champions League more frequently. He has also revealed that there have been initial contacts between his camp and United, and is monitoring the developments with De Gea

Manchester has been trying to keep De Gea for their side, with the team offering him a con tract that would see him earning £200,000 a week. However, the 24-year old has deferred the signing of the new deal. Real Madrid has already expressed an intent to bid for De Gea should he design not to sign with his team anew.

Team manager Louis van Gaal said that there is really nothing that he can do but wait as to what the goalkeeper’s decision would be. “The player is the boss he can say yes or no,” van Gaal remarked in an earlier interview.

Meanwhile, Manchester is also said to be interested in getting Welsh winger Gareath bale. The team has reportedly been keen on signing up Bale for a long time now, but the possibility De Gea leaving has also created an opening for the guys at Old Trafford to try and entice the winger. Analysts said that this is also the reason why United’s drive to get Memphis Depay has slowed down a bit, though it could progress again if Liverpool tries to make a move on Depay.

Manchester is expecting to do five signings this summer, with them also currently negotiating with Borussia Dortmund’s Mats Hummels and Southampton’s Nathaniel Clyne. The possibility of De Gea leaving could bring in a sixth signing.

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