After a group of supporters voiced their displeasure over how Manchester United is being run by the Glazers family, group managing director Richard Arnold comes to the defence of the owners.

Arnold asserted that, contrary to the claims of the Manchester United Supporters Trust, the Red Devils are doing well under the management of the American business family. “We work very hard to do our best at being a very well-run club and a lot of work has gone into engagement and other activities. It stands on its own.”

The director also contended that that have been doing well in managing the finances of the club and ensuring that these are used for the improvement of the team. He also said that the successes that United has registered in the last decade are proof of their efforts.  The team has won five Premier League titles in the ten years under the Glazers, who acquired them in 2005, as well as snagging the 2008 Champions League trophy.

However, MUST said that United could have won more if the owners have properly invested in player acquisition. The group asserted that much of the scouting efforts made by the club were financed by the revenues that they have made, with the Glazers shelling out close to nothing. MUST also accused the Glazers of taking out more than £1 billion worth of revenues from the team.

Arnold defended the financial moves they made, saying that they had to structure their finances in such a way that it will make the club more profitable for the long term.

The director also said that they value the opinions of the supporters a lot, which is why they have a lot of channels opened for comments. However, he also notes that they have the tough work of balancing all the opinions coming from different sides.

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