While Manchester United has initially voiced their interest in getting Hugo Lloris, the goalkeeper’s asking price might prevent the deal from pushing through.

This was revealed in a report by ESPNFC. According to Tottenham head coach Mauricio Pochettino, his team is keen on keeping Lloris, who has become an integral part of the Spurs’ defense. The 28-year old has also shown an outstanding performance, such that Lloris was elevated to team captain this season after Younes Kaboul was relieved of said spot.

As such, experts believe that Tottenham would be asking for a substantial amount in exchange for the transfer of Lloris to any team interested in getting him. The team is also not financially burdenedd to consider selling the goalkeeper, which could also affect the acquisition price that Tottenham is likely to impose.

On the other hand, Lloris has earlier expressed his interest in playing in the Champions League, which could be a big boost should Manchester decide to pursue the transfer.

The Red Devils have shown interest in Lloris in the last few months as a replacement for David De Gea should the latter leave. United is trying to keep De Gea and has already offered him a £200,00-a-week deal. However, the 24-year old goalkeeper has yet to sign the new contract and is said to be considering a potential offer that is to be made by Spanish ballclub Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, another of Manchester acquisition attempts for this summer seems to be going ahead, as the tame has formally informed Southampton of their intent to make a bid for defender Nathaniel Clyne. This was revealed in an interview with the Saints’ manager Ronald koenam. Koenam has also said that he has already given Clyne ten days to decide on whether he would stay with the team or go with a transfer.

United has been rumoured to be targeting Clyne in an effort to build up their defensive force, but Southampton has already stressed that they would not sell the 24-year old player below his expected asking price.

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