In an effort to make its roster building rules a lot simpler to follow for its member teams, the Major League Soccer announces changes that they will be implementing.

Under the new MLS rules, there will be a fixed public list of players that will be subject to allocation rankings. Said list would be limited to select U.S. men’s national team players, elite youth U.S. national team players, and former MLS players returning to the league after joining a non-MLS club for a transfer fee of greater than $500,000. The list will then be used along with the public list of team rankings to give followers a clearer picture of how each player in the list gets assigned to a particular team.

“We were looking to simplify and streamline the process and to provide transparency to answer the fundamental question of how do MLS clubs acquire players,” explained MLS deputy commissioner Mark Abbott.

In case a player is not part of the list, he can still be signed up by a team interested in him if he is put in that team’s discovery list. The number of players in this list has been limited to seven from the previous 12 in order to limit teams to only making discovery claims to players that they actually plan to sign up.

When asked why the League made the rule changes only two months after the season has started, Abbott said that they had to wait for the CBA negotiations to be completed before laying down the new rules. He also defended the move. “If we modify the roster rules and regulations in the middle of the season, those modifications would be both communicated to the clubs and made public.”

The MLS also released the new salary cap for this season. For the senior portion of a team, which comprises of 20 players, the cap would be be at $3.49 million. The remaining eight players in the supplemental roster are not included in the player count for the cap.

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