The Magista X Proximo Street IC comes in an overall black color with a prominent white and black Nike logo on both sides. They are elegant to look at and they carry the signature street appeal.

The shoe is a one-piece upper design that features 3-D textured Flyknit. If you take a close look at the shoe you will notice the structure of the flyknit pattern running through the main areas of the shoe.

It has a mid-cut design in the forum of a dynamic fit collar that is stretch out with perforations on both sides. You also have that same flyknit material running through the middle of the shoes where the laces are.

The Proximo Street has a Soft, thin premium leather that is stretch over the flyknit upper. However, if you take a close look you will still notice that Magista Obra flyknit pattern through the leather.

The rear part of the shoe is synthetic, and if you take a close look you will notice the stitching where the leather start and it runs all the way to the other side where it is again cut off.

The shoe feature the ACC technology which is supposed to delivers enhanced ball control in both dry and wet weather conditions. I think this is a good addition because the shoe is design for street soccer, and there have been a lot of times where I have to play in the rain.

As you move to the front, you will notice a suede like material starch on the front of the shoe. The shoe also features an internal plastic hell counter for better support.


The dynamic fit collar of the shoes hugs your ankle ensuring a seamless fit which locks your foot perfectly in place. The flexible yet soft Flyknit upper provides that comfortable barefoot feel. The insole is fully removable with mesh liner on the top and sufficient padding on the bottom.

It model’s a Lunarlon midsole which is exclusive for Nike. This provides a comfortable and better impact distribution of your feet on each step.

There are changes introduced on the outsole. This time, Nike decides to use for this model, the Elastico line outsole design to provide the shoe with stability and much better traction. The non-marking indoor/court outsole gives superior traction when used indoors or even on the street.


The Magista X Proximo Street is a good shoe that provides precise control, unstoppable quickness, and unparalleled comfort for any playmaker that wants to dominate a small-sided game. At $150 or so per pair, the price itself is justifiably affordable for such a magnificent pair of soccer shoes.

Paul Koroma

I learned all about life with a ball at my feet. Soccer allows me to push the limitation of creativity and express myself without saying a word. Soccer is my addiction. I train. I play, and I repeat every single day.

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