With the European football season nearing its close, rumors of manager Luis Enrique leaving Barcelona has started to surface. However, the team is confident that he will stay as head.

This was expressed by the club’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu during an interview by the Spanish TV station Teledeporte. “We have no doubt that he will remain at the club, moreso because he is under contract,” Bartomeu said.

Barcelonba is currently enjoying a great season under Enrique, with them currently leading the La Liga scoreboards and the title within their grasp. The Barcas are also currently on their way to the Copa del Rey finals and are also set to play in the Champions League semis after beating Paris Saint Germain.

“We are very happy with Luis Enrique. We are continuously improving,” Bartomeu quipped. “We would like him to continue”

The 44-year old manager’s contract is set to end next year. However, he is still mum as to what his future plans would be. There are also concerns that his relationship with his players might affect his decision to stay. It was reported in January that he had a a row with forward Lionel Messi during a training game. However, team officials have said that the misunderstanding between the two has since been resolved.

Meanwhile, Enrique has also seen the return of several of his key players back to top form. The latest to shine was Andres Iniesta, who provided a spectacular assist to Neymar in the first half of their Champions League quarterfinals second leg match against PSG. The assist helped put the Barcas to an early lead, where they never looked back to clinch a 2-0 victory.

“I still see myself fine,” Iniesta said when asked of his current performance in the match. “I never went away, nor have I returned. I have always been here, and remained who I am.”

The win serves as Enrique’s 42nd in 50 games since he signed up with Barcelona, which puts him as the only team coach that has been able to register that much wins in his first term.

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