As their Champions League quarterfinals match against Paris Saint Germain is drawing near, Barcelona gets a boost on the side after beating rival Real Madrid in Sunday’s La Liga Clasico match 2-1. The win strengthens the Barcas’ hold on the top of the La Liga rankings.

Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez served as the biggest piece for Barcelona’s win, as he managed to land the winning goal that broke the deadlock in the 56th minute of the match.

Barcelona manager Luis Enrique has all praises for Suarez and his efforts. “He played very well, like all the players,” the manager said. “Very few players could score that goal, with his first touch and then a finish few can do. That is why we signed him, and we’re very happy for him to be the decisive player.”

“As a forward he needs goals, but we’ve always been happy with his attitude and displays. He is not just a typical centre-forward, he can join in the play with his teammates, read the moves and the play. “

Jeremy Matthieu made the first goal for Barcelona at the 19th minute of the game, coming from Lionel Messi’s free kick. Real Madrid managed to answer in the 31st minute courtesy of Cristiano Ronaldo to bring the game to a deadlock at the halftime.

Enrique also noted that Madrid was, at several points in the game, on top of the match. “Without any doubt, Madrid are reigning European champions, at a similar level to us,” the manager observed.

“With players who can change a game, like we do. I congratulate my players, as they were able to suffer at times when Madrid had the ball. You must remember when you are playing against a team of this level, it will not always go exactly as you want.”

However, Enrique was also cautious answering how the win will affect their campaign. “It is a nice win for us, against our eternal rival, and important for La Liga. But of course it is not decisive,” he reiterated. “We have 10 difficult games to come, and teams will drop points. We are where we should be, top of the table, but next week we play in Vigo, and that for sure will be a difficult game.”

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