With Memphis Depay set to move to Manchester United this coming summer, sources say that United manager Louis van Gaal played a key role in making the transfer happen.

According to a report by ESPNFC, van Gaal lent some assistance to help the Red Devils secure the 21-year old winger. The report did not detail as to what extent he intervened in the negotiations, but sources said that Depay and van Gaal’s earlier working relationship might have had an influence. The 63-year old manager previously mentored the winger during his international debut with the Netherlands national team in last year’s World Cup.

Van Gaal is also said to have elaborated his plans for the team to convince Depay to chose their side.

The Dutch player has himself expressed excitement over the prospect of playing under van Gaal again. “Yes, that feeling was good — I know the trainer very well,” he said in an interview posted in the PSV Eindhoven website. “We have a good relationship. It was a little difficult with all the speculation about my future, but now I’ve chosen to sign for Manchester United and my dream came true. It shows that I’ve grown up as a player.”

Besides the joining up with his former coach once agin, Depay is also said to be looking forward for the chance to play with other Dutch players who are already in the Premier League.

Meanwhile, former United defender and Dutch international Jaap Stam welcomed Depay’s entry to the English league. The retired center-back praised the young winger for his focus in the work at hand, as well as his skills, both as an individual and a team player.

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