With his team facing Chelsea this Saturday, Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal says that he expects his players to show a complete performance for their match with the league leaders.

Van Gaal added that his players are now getting along well with each other/ “We are progressing and playing more like a team,” he assessed. “There is more balance. I do believe that we can play very well but we haven’t played very well for 90 minutes.”

The Red Devils progressed well in just nine months after van Gaal took over as manager from David Moyes last year/ the team is currently enjoying a comfortable spot in the Premier League, where they are currently in the third spot, eight points away from league leader Chelsea. The team is also close to clinching a spot in next season’s Champions League.

The 63-year old manager attributes their success to his players now fully understanding hisplaying philosophy. “It’s because they know why they have to play in a certain way,” van Gaal explained. “You are capable but unconscious and I want them to be capable and conscious. Then, at the end, they are unconscious-capable, that they are doing it from their stomach.”

“Now we have reached the point they’re doing it as a team, not as an individual because football is a team sport, so that is the difference.”

Van Gaal also says that Chelsea will once again prove to be a challenge for them, commenting that he might need to once again play more than 90 minutes to get past the Blues. In their earlier match last October, van Gaal’s squad had to wait for 94 minutes to get an equaliser for an eventual draw.

Manchester is also set to step onto the field without key defenders Daley Blind and Michael Carrick who are bout out due to an injury. According to van Gaal, he will need to have forward Wayne Rooney double as a midfielder for the match in place of the two players.

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