Louis van Gaal, also known as Aloysius Paulus van Gaal is a Dutch football coach who  was the manager of the Dutch national team. He was the former coach of football clubs Bayern Munich, Ajax, and FC Barcelona.

He also played midfield in his younger years, for football clubs Sparta Rotterdam, Telstar, AZ, and Royal Antwerp. He is also a qualified gymnastics teacher, having taught in a few high schools when he was still playing football.


Van Gaal began his career playing football for several football clubs. In 1986, he worked as an assistant coach for AZ and then Ajax. By 1991, when the head coach left, he took over the job as manager.

During his stint managing the club from 1991-1997, Ajax won the 1992 UEFA Cup and the UEFA Champions League and Super Cup in 1995. He received his knighthood, which was a civil Dutch order of chivalry, under the Order of the Orange-Nassau, after serving his contract with Ajax.

By 1997, van Gaal had moved to FC Barcelona where they won the La Liga twice-during the 1997-1998 and 1998-1999 seasons. Despite their successes, van Gaal reportedly said that he was having difficulties with Barcelona.

He publicly stated that it was difficult for him to implement his coaching philosophy since some of the players were not open to following his lead. He left Barcelona in 2000 and went back to his home country, the Netherlands, tomanage the national team.

After a brief unsuccessful return to Barcelona in 2003, he left the club and returned to Ajax but also left a year later. In 2005, he went back to AZ and won the Eredivisie during the 2008-2009 season.

By 2009, he became the manager for Bayern Munich, where, in 2010, they had won the Bundesliga and were runners up in the Champions League. His contract with the club was cancelled after an unsuccessful 2011 season. He became head coach of the Dutch national team in 2012.

In a 2011 report, van Gaal’s yearly earnings were reported to be 5.2 Million Euros.

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