After Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers stressed how important it is for them to win the FA cup, the team gets a step closer to the trophy as they get a semi-finals seat thanks to a 1-0 victory over Blackburn.

Midfielder Phbilippe Coutinho proved to be the day’s hero for the Reds, sinking in the game’s only goal in the 70th minute. Coutinho managed to break through a tough defence mounted by the Rovers and worked in tandem with Jordan Henderson to bring the ball closer to the net and scoring the point.

Rodgers praised Henderson for his performance in the match, despite having a sleepless night after the birth of his first child. “Some players maybe would have [missed the game]. He said to me: ‘Boss, as soon as the baby is out I will be coming back,’” the manager related during the post game press conference. “There was a car waiting. He was back, he had his lunch and played like that.”

The Reds’boss was also very pleased with the performance of its other players. “Dejan Lovren and Glen Johnson were outstanding. Joe Allen was magnificent and Raheem Sterling was absolutely incredible,” he remarked.

Rodgers also noted how the previous two losses have affected their morale. “We were heavily criticised and disappointed in both games we played because of the standards we had set.”

However, the road to the semi-finals slot was not easy for Rodgers and his crew, as Blackburn put up a considerable effort in trying to outgun them right from the opening minutes. Craig Conway managed go create an opening for the Rovers early in the game after nipping past the Red’s Mamadou Sakiho, who was unfortunately taken off the field just 26 minutes in after suffering a hamstring injury.

The biggest chance that came Blackburn’s way was courtesy of midfielder Tom Cairney, who did a long-range shot during the opening of the second half. However, it also felt short of a conversion.

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