Steven Gerrard’s last moments at Liverpool seems set to go out on a bit quieter than expected, as his team settles for a 1-1 draw against Chelsea Sunday.

Liverpool had a poor start in the match, with Chelsea captain John Terry sneaking through the Red’s defences to score a point just five minutes into the match. However, Gerrard helped Liverpool regain its footing by netting an equaliser near the close of the first half. The outgoing Reds captain took off from a free kick by teammate Jordan Henderson to easily go through the Blues’ defenders and score.

Gerrard has his own little skirmish with Cesc Fabregas as each side tried to gain the lead from the deadlock. However, he slipped, with the Spanish midfielder taking advantage. The Reds managed to regain control of the situation after Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic got booked for a foul that gave Henderson the free kick which opened Gerrard’s goal opportunity.

Come the second half, Liverpool was more aggressive in trying to secure the lead, with midfielder Philippe Coutinho firing off from a setup by Raheem Sterling. However, Chelsea proved that they are not slacking off after already capturing the title, as they also brought up an intense counterattack of their own. with William firing a shot of his own. Eden Hazard also managed to get past Gerrard, only to find himself in a crowd and unable to convert.

Gerrard was replaced 11 mi9nutes before the end of the match, with everyone, including Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, applauding the midfielder for a great performance.  “To get an ovation at Stamford Bridge is special for Steven Gerrard — we have lots of respect for the top guys. I will miss him,” Mourinho said of the player. The Blues’ boss has earlier candidly remarked that he will be giving a spectacular send off for the player he referred to as “a dear enemy.”

For his part, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thanked Gerrard for his contributions to the squad. He also said that working with the player was a great opportunity. Gerrard is set to move to the American MLS team LA Galaxy this summer.

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