Lionel Messi is reportedly seeking help to treat his vomiting problem after he was seen meeting with a sports doctor in Italy.

Sports physician Giuliano Poser confirmed Messi’s visit to his clinic in the Italian town of Sacile. “Lionel came here for other treatment too, but for professional reasons I cannot say what they were,” Poser said in an interview by La Gazetta dello Sport.

Messi is said to have had the problem since the earlier part of his career, with the forward is often seen vomiting during matches. While the condition was initially dismissed as something not ser5ious, it has since become persistent that it has caused concern both in Barcelona and the Argentinean national team.

During the 2014 World Cup, Messi’s mysterious condition resurfaced. Then Argentinean national team coach Alejandro Sabella speculated on the cause. “I reckon that in these moments there is anxiety more than anything,” the coach remarked during their stint i8n the World Cup last year. “It’s difficult to remain calm.” However, the idea was dismissed, as Messi is also reportedly throwing up even during matches that are not considered intense or crucial.

Messi is said to have sought the help of Poser upon the recomme4ndation of friends, as the phy7sician is well known for treating footballers such as Oliver Bierhoff. “I’ve been working with sportsmen for 20 years, even from other sports such as cycling and downhill skiing. Messi came here thanks to word of mouth among footballers and agents.”

In other news, Messi has said that Dani Alves is one of his closest friends in Barcelona, a move that is expected to help Alves get a new player deal with the team. “I’ve always been close with Dani Alves, since we shared the right wing together when I first broke into the Barcelona first-team,” Messi said.

Alves’ contract is set to end by this season’s close, but the on and off negotiations have slowed down his bid for a renewal of his term.

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