With the football season nearing its close, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi says that he had a better one this time around than in the previous season.

“Yes, I feel happy,” Messi said in an inte3rview posted on Barcelona’s website.

“The truth is that I started the season in a different way after what happened to me last season. I had a tough year due to events off the field, injury and my form. But this season I started differently and now I feel good.”

Messi then went on to relate how he had to deal with the setback that happened in t6he 2013-2014 season. While the forward registered an impressive 41 goals in 44 games, it wasn’t enough to propel his team. The Barcas went on to finish only as runners-up in the La Liga and the Copa del Rey and were eliminated in the Champions League quarterfinals.

Even Messi’s international forays proved fruitless as his Argentinean national team finished only second in the 2014 World Cup. However, Messi managed to snag the Balon d’ Or that year for all his efforts.\

“I was inconsistent last season,” Messi admitted. The 27-year old player suffered several injuries that affected his playing time during the period. “When I came back I didn’t feel right. It was a year that I have tried to quickly forget to try and get back to my best through hard work, smiling and effort, like I always have and now, fortunately, I feel very good.”

Messi then said that the birth of his first son Thiago in 2012 helped him get his footing back for this season. “It has changed everything. He comes first, the rest after. It has changed me with regards to how I see a game, he narrated. “Before, if I lost or did something wrong, I wouldn’t talk to anyone for three or four days until the madness passed. Now if I lose a game, I get home and see my son and it all passes me by.”

The current season indeed proved to be a brighter one for Messi, as he has now amassed 45 goals in his 47 appearances. His team are also currently holding firm to the top spot of La Liga, as well as grabbing a finals seat in the Copa del Rey.

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