While the match between Monaco and Arsenal might have been over, with the Reds securing a quarterfinals slot despite the Gunners’ victory, the battle of words has seemingly just begun, as Monaco head Leonardo Jardim responded to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s post-game remarks.

After Arsenal managed to grab a 2-0 win from Monaco, but conceded the quarterfinals slot on away points, Wenger was quoted saying that Monaco did not deserve the quarterfinals slot.

“If you look at the number of shots on target they had you will be surprised. Every defeat hurts but we didn’t lose,” Wenger told reporters Tuesday.

“I think it is deserved, the qualification,” he said. “We managed to take advantage of the first leg when we won 3-1,” Jardim responded when asked about Wenger’s comments. He further said “The second leg was the match that we expected. It was very intense, the opponents took advantage of the mistakes we made in the transition, which is how they scored their goals.”

Jardim also said that he declined to shake hands with Wenger after Tuesday’s match in response to the latter’s vehavior in the first leg. “In the first leg, when I wanted to shake his hand, he did not thank me, so this time, even though Arsenal did everything possible to go through, I chose not to thank him.”

When asked whether or not he thinks the Gunners’ head was being disrespectful, Jardim agreed. “I think so and right now we are celebrating and think that Arsenal maybe did not show all the respect that they should have during the first leg.”

On the other hand, Jardim said that he and hist team still can’t believe that they were able to get a quarterfinals slot.   “Nobody was expecting us to be here. It’s a great reward, so we have to give credit to the players for what they did.”

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