Manchester City v Newcastle United - Premier League

With the 2016-17 footballing season upon us within the twinkle of an eye, fans will resume one of the unending debates when the first ball is kicked. The English or Spanish top flight division league, which is greater? Just like the Messi vs Ronaldo debate, it would always boil down to personal preference and choice at the end of the day, but avid followers of both leagues will always still end up being caught up in the argument. So is the EPL lesser or greater than the La Liga?

The most viewed and followed league in the world is the England’s. Manchester United have the most number of fans worldwide, and that figure won’t be changing soon. Thanks to the dominance of the nation, and their history that dates back to colonization days, it’s impossible to rival them. The language is the most spoken in the world and is highly regarded as the planet’s official language. It’s believed playing in England is the biggest achievement a player can get in a career. It’s just all about the EPL. Thanks to a brilliant press and media, they have taken over the nook and crannies of the internet. The publicity is huge and always massive. Bookies haven’t made the issue helpful for other leagues as the highest odds are only seen in the English game. Leicester’s 5000 – 1 odds of winning last season’s title is an example.

The league has made so much money and continues to do so in a way other top European leagues may just not catch up with. The latest TV rights saw every of the 20 top flight teams earn so much that made them the richest in terms of revenue and outrights from television money alone. That makes transfer fundings possible. Man U can pay as much as £110million for Pogba without having to sell any player(s) to fund such move and the club is able to make their new coach the highest paid in the world without blinking. Such financial heights and achievements the La Liga as a whole can’t rival.

Atletico will quickly sell a player they can cash in on if his buyout clause is activated, while even a Real Madrid will balk at the idea of buying Pogba at such hefty price. Barcelona aren’t able to pay for a costly striker despite being regarded as one of the top 5 richest clubs since they have to balance the books in order to survive financially. Financially! And that’s where the EPL dominance ends. Other factors put into consideration don’t help their cause. Apart from the fact that the 2 world best players ply their trade in the league, there is also a gulf in quality between the players of both leagues. For whatever reasons, EPL stars aren’t able to survive the hype, and soon easily fade into oblivion just as fast as they emerged.

It’s why they have suffered on the continental level for the past decade. Since 2006, only twice has the Champions League had its winner come from England. It’s been 6 times from Spain, while Germany and Italy have had 1 apiece. That record says a lot of how poor their competition level is on the international scene. Inasmuch as the league boasts of many potential title winners and we get to experience shocking results and upsets almost every other weekend, it just can’t stand the La Liga on the continent. Both at the Champions and Europa leagues. While it’s true that the Spanish league is now a 3-horserace affair, it hasn’t taken away from its quality when its needed most; on the European level. It currently ranks first. The EPL will always be rich and command/attract a lot of attention, but it won’t be matching La Liga’s prowess anytime soon. Which is better? We just would never get an answer afterall. We all have our reasons.

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