Despite criticisms against Laurent Blanc and his performance this season, Paris Saint Germain says that he will stay as the team’s coach next season.

PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi made the assertion with a resounding “No” when asked if he thinks Blanc will leave the team.

Al Khelaifi also expressed displeasure over the negative commentary made about his team manager in the media. “Yes, of course. I was very disappointed by the treatment of Laurent,” the president remarked. “He was a World Cup winner in 1998. As a coach, he had a great season with Bordeaux, got good results with the national team and has done excellent work.”

Despite helping retain the Coup de la Ligue and putting the team on course to grabbing the Coupe de France, the media has heavily criticized Blanc for the Parisians’ failure to progress to the Champions league semis, after being knocked out by Barcelona in the quarterfinals. Some media analysts have even speculated that he will be leaving the team by the end of the season.

The PSG president defended his manager from the criticisms. “He’s respected, young, and he’s French. The criticism was unfair. We can win four domestic titles, that would be historic. He can write history, just like in 1998.”

Blanc has recently renewed his ties with the team, signing up for an extension through 2016.

Meanwhile, Al Khelaifi also said that he believes that forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic will still be part of the team. “There’s no question: he’ll stay with us next season, that’s certain,” he stressed “Just like Pastore, who was the first to believe in the project, I don’t know what Zlatan wants to do after 2016. We’ll talk. I would like to keep him at the club in a role yet to be defined. We want to keep our star.”

Ibrahimovic is said to have several offers coming from teams wishing to acquire him this summer.

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