The La Liga continues as the Spanish High Court ruled to suspended an indefinite strike threatened to be launched by the Players Union last week.

According to a statement issued by the high Court, which was published in the online newspaper, they are suspending a planned strike that was called by the Liga Players Union (AFE) earlier in response to the passing of the government of a new law concerning the selling of broadcasting rights for domestic football games. The court also asserted that any stoppage would be deemed illegal.

Under the new law, the TV rights for local matches will be sold in a collective setup, with the revenue that each team will get determined by a ratio based on their performance in the last season, as well their performance in the last five years. Proponents of the new law asserted that it would help lessen the discrepancy in terms of earnings between the top teams and those in the bottom. In the current system, each team negotiates its own broadcast rights, which is said to only favour the more popular clubs.

However, the AFE has criticized the new law, insisting that they have not been consulted regarding the development of the law. Lionel Messi is also said to have thrown his support for the move by the union. On the other hand, the Spanish Football Association has also declared that no referee will be made available for the remainder of the season in opposition of the law.

Had the strike pushed through, it would have affected the last two fixtures in the La Liga. One of the games that would have been cancelled is the game between Barcelona and defending champion Atletico Madrid. The Barcas are currently just a win away from clinching this season’s trophy with two more games remaining for them.

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