The premier league match between Southampton and Tottenham went down as planned on Saturday, but they were forced to share a point each following a 2-2 draw. Both teams expected a win to clinch all three points and increase their chances of going up the premier league table.

Being at home ground, Southampton fond the back of the net in the 29th minute following Pelle G’s strike. Tottenham responded 2 minutes to half time through Lamela who was assisted by kane to tie the match at 1-1 before half time.

20 minutes in to the second half, Southampton again impressed their fans following a score by Pelle. However, tottenham were fast in action to respond, and their efforts were rewarded 5 minutes later through chadli N’s strike.

Despite getting 6 minutes of added time, both teams failed to get a winning score and the match was halted at a 2-2 draw.

After the match, Ronald Koeman, Southampton manager told BBC news that he was a little bit frustrated for failing to secure a win, but he adds to say the match was fantastic between the two attacking teams.

Pelle recorded his 11th premier league goal this season after being signed by Southampton from Feyenoord last summer.

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