After an intense match, Juventus gets their second title of the season, as they streaks past Lazio 2-1 to grab the Coppa Italia trophy.

I Biancocelesti opened scoring early, with defender Stefan Radu providing scoring early. Radu took hold of Danilo Cataldi’s frère kick and immediately drove it past Juventus goalkeeper Marco Storan. However, Juventus quickly went back to their feet, managing to grab an equaliser in the 11th minute courtesy of Giorgio Chiellini. Like the other side, Chiellini also got the opportunity off a free kick by Andrea Pririo.

From there, both sides were able to create openings, but were not able to convert for much of the match.

Cataldi was rewarded with an opportunity in the 27thminute, but was not able to get through Storan. His teammate Marco Parolo offered a much tougher challenge when he fired a shot from 25 yards away that send the Juves goalkeeper scrambling for a save, which marked the end of the first half.

Come the second half, the Juves were again on the offensive, with Fernando Llorente challenging goalkeeper Etrit Berisha in the opening. Llorente proved to be a good substitute to striker Alvaro Morata, who is currently under suspension, with the former making several superb attempts.

Juventus continued to press, with Carlos Tevez delivering the ball to Paul Pogba, who promptly sent it to the goal, but was blocked by a defender. Meanwhile, Lazio was struggling to open up their own opportunities. Substitute Fillip Djordjevic had one of the closest for his side, but was unable to stand against Storan.

With regular time ticking away, substitute striker Alessandro Matri nearly had it done for the Juves after netting a goal, but it was eventually ruled to be offside. Matri then made up for the setback during extra time when he managed to get hold of a loose ball and quickly dashed from the 10 yard line to beat Berisha for the point and the win.

The victory put Juventus for a possible treble, with them winning the Scudetto earlier and are set to take on Barcelona for the Champions League title on June 6.

Paul Koroma

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