There will be no Clasico in the Champions League finals, as Juventus slips past Real Madrid to set up their own duel with Barcelona for the trophy.

The Juves won the last finals seat after getting a 1-1 draw in Wednesday’s second leg of their semis match that added to their 2-1 win in the first leg to give them a 3-2 aggregate advantage over Real and secure their trip to the finals.

Madrid went on the offensive early in the match with the hopes overturning their earlier defeat. Gareth Bale managed to create an opening in the first minute, after picking up a cross from winger Marcelo. However his advance was halted by the Juves’ defense. The Whites finally broke into the scoreboard in the 22nd minute after Jame4s Rodriguez snagged a penalty from Giorio Chiellini. Cristiano Ronaldo converted on the ensuing penalty kick, signalling the start of an even more aggressive attack.

Bale once again lead another offensive in the closing minutes of the first half, with him teaming up with Ronaldo and Karim Benzema to bring the ball to the goal. However, Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon stopped them in their tracks with a fine save from Benzema’s close-range shot. Rodriguez also ended up getting a booking after doing an exaggerated tumble.

The second half opened with Madrid still on the move, but Juventus is slowly mounting its own attack. Striker Alvaro Morata nearly gave Carlo Ancelotti’s men a scare, but his shot was flagged as offside. However, the Juves finally got their groove when Arturo Vidal got a four from Sergio Ramos. Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas managed to punch the ball, only for it to end up in front of Juves midfi9elder Paul Pogba. Pogba adepty set up Morata for the equaliser.

With their side now pressed into a corner, Madrid tried to look out for a chance for a point. However, Bale’s shot ended wide, which killed off their hopes.

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