As the Premier League teams begin their international break, Manchester United midfielder Juan Mata fears that the pause might affect his team’s momentum as they prepare for the next stage of the competition.

“The feelings in the training sessions are good and there is also a bit of sun, which is always nice,” Mata said in an entry to his official blog. “It’s a pity there is a break now because we are in a good moment.”

“After a great performance against Tottenham a week ago we knew we had to confirm those good feelings in such a tough place as Anfield and we did it,” Mata further said, referring to their 2-1 victory over Liverpool Sunday.

“In particular, I think we performed at a very high level in the first half, and it’s true that we played better against 11 than 10,” he narrated.

Mata played a tremendous role in Sunday’s match, sinking the two goals that led to Manchester United’s victory. His first goal came in just 14 minutes into the game, while the second one came in the one hour mark. The Spanish midfielder considered his second goal as one of the best shots that he has made. “I don’t know very well how to explain it. It’s something you just don’t think,” he added.

“It’s one of the best goals of my career for sure, among other things because it happened in such a massive game. And it helped us win.”

Mata also considers the Sunday game as one of the best opportunities that landed his way. “When you start playing football as a kid on muddy pitches, for something so simple and wonderful as having fun, you dream about becoming a footballer one day to be in a game like the one in Anfield.” Sundays game was only the second Premier League start after joining Manchester.

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