With the much awaited match between Chelsea and Arsenal happening on Sunday, the rivalry between the two team’s managers heat up as the Blues’ Jose Mourinho fires back some words against the Gunners’ Arsene Wenger.

When asked as to what his opinion is about Wenger’s earlier statement that Chelsea’s defense is easy to master, Mourinho throw in a snappy comment. “It’s not easy. If it was easy, you wouldn’t lose 3-1 at home to Monaco,” he retorted, referring to the surprise 3-1 loss Arsenal suffered against the Red and Whites in the Champions League last February.

“If he defends well he draws 0-0 against Monaco and wins in Monte Carlo. It’s not easy to prepare a team to defend.”

Mourinho and Wenger has a long history of competition with each other, with the Frenchman yet to win against the Portuguese in the 32 matches they have met in the field. The rivalry has also been a hot topic in the football scene, with the two managers not only exchanging words but also getting into physical tussles against each other. One such incident was in October, where they pushed and shoved each other in the sidelines at Stamford Bridge.

However. Mourinho refused to acknowledge the rivalry. “For me, he’s not my rival [in terms of hostility between the two]. I don’t feel that,” he stressed.

“He’s a manager of a big club in the same city where I work and live. A big club with the same objectives that we have in the competitions we play. With that comes a bit of rivalry.”

The Blues’ boss is also very optimistic that his team will clinch the Premier League title. “We are the best team since day one, and we want to be the best team until the last day. We are top of the league since day one. We are the second team in terms of goals scored. We are the second best team for goals conceded. The team with fewest defeats.”

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