With Chelsea close to clinching the Premier League title this season, manager Jose Mourinho proudly says that his squad is the team that everyone wants to be.

Mourinho made the remarked when asked for his opinion on criticisms that they have become less entertaining after they switched to a slower play from their previous fast and aggressive style. “I don’t need other people to recognise what we are because I know exactly what we are. In a very pragmatic way, we are what every team would like to be,” the manager said during the post-game interview after their match against Leicester, where they won 3-1.

“My experience in football teaches me about my own feelings, what I think and what I feel. It depends on your opinion. Some people say yes [Chelsea are the perfect team], some people says no.”

The manager also defended their decision to shift to their new style of play. “It is style to defend when against a team like Leicester,” he stressed. “We coped well with it. A little mistake and we concede a goal, but in the second half you could see not just the character of the team, but also the quality.”

Speaking of the current season, Mourinho commended his team. “I think it is phenomenal what they are doing,” he remarked. “

“To be top of the league since day one is not easy. To play against a team that is having a fantastic run, winning 12 points out of 12, playing at home with lots of confidence, to be losing a half-time and to do it the way my boys did it, I think it was fantastic.”

However, Mourinho also stressed that they are still some way off before rejoicing. “We don’t want Stamford Bridge celebrating the title because we don’t have the title. We need Stamford Bridge to push us and push us strong to the three points we need.”

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