After months of speculation, Jordan Henderson ended the question of his future as he signs a new five4-year contract with Liverpool.

Henderson made the announcement in an interview posted in the club’s website. “I’m over the moon that it’s finally done,” the midfielder said.

“There has been talk about it for a while now. It’s brilliant news for me to commit my future to this football club — I really feel that it’s a good time for us to look forward to the future, with the squad we’ve got, the manager, the size of the club and the fans we’ve got. I really think, over the next few years, we can challenge and start winning trophies.”

The 24-year old Henderson joined Liverpool from Sunderland in 2011. However, he was never able to make his presence felt in his first year and nearly considered moving to Fulham just a year later.He eventually decided to stay and went on to establish himself as one of the teams key players, earning the position of vice-captain.

Team manager Berndan Rodgers was also very enthusiastic about the development. “I am very excited about our future and what this group can achieve together; today’s announcement is another important positive step forward.”

“Jordan is a brilliant professional and his dedication to his career and football in general makes him a role model to all young players,” he said of Henderson.

However, when asked if Henderson would be the next captain of the team, Rodgers remained mum.  “We shall see,” he simply said. Henderson has been rumoured to step up as captain after Steven Gerrard moves to LA Galaxy next season.

Nevertheless, the manager says that signing Henderson anew is part of their long-term effort to build a more solid team. “The model is to develop young players — and once they’ve improved and become better, it’s very important that you then nail them to the club and make sure that they’re going to be here for the best part of their careers,” Rodgers explained

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