After much speculation, several sources report that Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson is set to sign a new five-year contract with his team.

According to reports, the new contract that is being offered to Henderson will have him receiving £100,000 a week and will run until 2020. His current contract is set to expire after 14 months and his agents and the Liverpool management has been discussing an extension in the last few months. sources expect that the 24-year old is expected to sign the new dealo this weekend.

Henderson’s future has been a subject of speculation in the last few months, with some reports claiming that several teams are already preparing offers once his term with the Reds ends. However, team manager Brendan Rodgers is said to have stood firm in his belief that Henderson is best to stay with the team.

“I know Jordan Henderson wants to be here at Liverpool. I’ve got no qualms about that,” the manager earlier said. Rodgers also reportedly helped to build up the player’s case.

With Henderson secured to sign anew, analysts expect him to take over the position of team captain from the outgoing captain Steven Gerrard, who will be moving to MLS team LA Galaxy next season. However, the manager has yet to confirm the decision.

Nevertheless, Henderson staying serves as a an important step in Rodgers’ efforts to build a competent squad for next season’s leagues. The 42-year old manager is currently on the lookout for a striker and a midfielder to fill in his offensive force, with his eyes set on Burnley’s Danny Ings and Manchester City’s James Milner.

Rodgers also dismissed notions that his days with Liverpool are numbered after several setbacks, the most recent of which is the 2-1 loss they suffered against Aston Villa in the FA Cup semifinals last Sunday. The manager said that he believes that the team still holds him in high regard.

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