The Joma Super Regate soccer shoes are the latest release from Joma, and they are over the top amazing. Joma has been at the heart of producing impressive indoor and futsal shoes, and the Super Renegade is another nifty piece of achievement. Here’s why.


The shoes have an eye-catching design that comes in over seven different shoe colors depending on the user’s preferences. Some of the shoe colors include; blue volt orange, black green, black multicolored, navy blue and yellow blue.


The Joma Super Regate shoes have been designed to be lightweight boots. The shoes weigh around 8.2 oz. So it’s so easy to achieve top flight. Their soft and flexible material have been perfectly blended to give the user extra foot comfort while playing. They have a layer of mesh that enables more air flow into the boot hence making it more breathable. The lacing system is good and dynamic for wide ranges of shoe sizes for better fitting. The Super Regate is perfectly designed for the extra protection of the foot joints and can absorb more shock on impact.

Upper Layer and Toe Cap

The top is made of nylon, microfiber, and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to create a super soft and flexible upper layer. These layers enhance the performance of the boots as they give you better ball control with the top of your boot.

The toe cap is made with a thick layer of suede that runs across the lateral side of the boot. The thick layer protects your feet when you are kicking the ball and is good for short passes with the instep of your foot. The layer of suede enhances the durability of the shoe as it prevents tear of the toe cap and side of the boots

Outer Sole

The boot’s outer sole is made from flexible rubber and pylons. This offers the player plenty of traction for various types of pitch surfaces while being able to move more freely with your feet. The extra traction allows you to make high-speed cuts, chops and turns without much difficulty. The outer sole has very grippy grooves that make the boots very comfortable to run in.

Inner Sole and Sole Plate

For extra protection of the joints, Joma designed a thick sole for the Super Regate. This protects the player’s feet by taking more impact on landing. It has a pylon midsole that is capable of absorbing more shock while playing.

The sole plate has been designed using high quality rubber with DIN-70 abrasion to reduce wearing out and to increase the shoe’s lifetime. It is ultra-flexible and allows easy movement by the player in all directions and provides the player with extra mobility especially in tight spaces.
The Super Regate allows the player to have a better feel of the ball and the floor. Its soft and flexible nature blends the shoe with the player’s foot and makes it feel like an extra skin. This enhances play performance as it gives the player better ball control and traction.


Even though the Joma Super Regates are high quality shoes, they have their own downsides.
For instance, the shoe is wide, meaning they’ll fall out of favor with players of narrow feet. Wide shoes also affect the player’s ability to achieve top flight faster. It also lowers shooting accuracy especially during dead ball situations.

The laces are also not short enough to make just one knot. This can sometimes affect ball control especially while playing long balls and shooting volleys.


The Joma Super Regate soccer shoes are relatively cheap for a shoe of such high-end performance. The shoes go for around $65.


Parting Shot and Verdict

All in all, it is quite clear that Joma paid extra attention while coming up with the Super Regade soccer shoes. The technology that went into developing them is enough to create high-end shoes that fit the profile of super-efficient, durable and affordable shoes. They may be a little bit wider for those with narrow feet but in any case, they don’t fall short of expectation.

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