After an intense match, Javier Hernandez pulled off a late goal to get Real Madrid 1-0 past city rival Atletico Madrid and win their quarterfinals match in the Champions League.

Hernandez made the pivotal goal in the 87th minute of the match after receiving an assist from forward Cristiano Ronaldo. “Yes, of course, it’s my most important goal, because the present is what’s important,” he said of the goal.

“I’ve scored important goals in my career but what counts is now. This gives me confidence. It was a great assist [by Cristiano Ronaldo]. He played to win.”

Hernandez gave credit to the whole team for the effort. “I had to score but it’s for everyone. The people who trusted in me, my teammates and my family. The goal is for all of them.”

For his part, Read manager Carlo Ancelotti enthusiastically praised Hernandez and his goal. “We have to congratulate Chicharito because it has been a difficult year. He’s not playing much, but he has always trained, worked and suffered and he deserves what has happened,” Ancelotti said of his player. Chicharito is Hernadez’s professional nickname.

Hernandez is currently on loan to Real from Manchester United, but has not seen much action. He started for the night as a replacement for the injured Karim Benzema. “The Coach told me a few days ago I would play. I kept on doing what I was doing and I was prepared,” he said of the opportunity given to him.

Ancelotti had to make several significant changes to his line-up for the match after losing several key players. Aside from Benzema, the team also went without Gareth Bale, Luka Modric, and Marcelo. However, the loss also provided an opening for Hernandez to start along with Fabio Coentrao, Rafael Varane, Isco, and Pepe.

With the win, Real broke the seven-game winning streak that Atletico has against them this season.

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