While his team beat rival Real Madrid in Sunday’s La Liga match, Barcelona striker Ivan Rakitic is still cautious to say how it will help their campaign both in the La Liga and in the upcoming Champions League quarterfinals, as he says that there is still a long way to go.

“We haven’t won anything yet,” Rakitic said in a interview posted in the team’s official website. “Now we can enjoy the win a bit but we’re aware that there’s a lot more to do.”

Rakitic also commented on the match that they had last Sunday, “We started the game very well and we could have made it 2–0. But this is football and it’s unpredictable.” Rakitic also noted that while his team is still in the lead with four points after 10 games, there is still a long way to go before they can clinch the title.

The Croatian played a major role in Barcelona’s current successful run in the Champions League, sinking the winning goal that let them beat Manchester United in the league’s Last of 17 stage, which guaranteed their entry into the quarterfinals. He also played a crucial role in Sunday’s match, providing the needed support that helped Jeremy Matthieu and Luis Suarez sink the two goals that led to Barcelona;s victory.

Rakitic also mused about the upcoming later stages of the tweo tournaments that they are competing in. “Now comes the hardest part; the decisive stages of the Champions League and La Liga,” he said.

Barcelona is set to meet Paris Saint Germain on April 15 and 21 for their quarterfinals match. On the other hand, the Barcas are set to face Celtaq de Vigo for their next match in La Liga. As for Real Madrid, the Spanish club is set to see action against city rival Atletico Madrid in the Champions League quarters.

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