The Italian soccer team represents Italy in its international matches. It is governed by the Italian Football Federation and considered to be one of the most successful national teams in the World Cup, just one title behind Brazil. They do not have a home stadium, unlike most national teams, but they play in stadiums across the country. Their headquarters and training ground is located in Florence.

They have been ranked number One on FIFA’s rankings in the past but disappointing performances after their 2006 World Cup win have pushed them all the way to number eight today. Their current head coach is Cesare Prandelli and the team is captained by Gianluigi Buffon.

The team’s kit, which is the color blue, is an homage to the royal dynasty in Italy that united the nation in 1861. This is the reason why the national team is nicknamed Azzurri, which means blue in Italian.

The team’s first international match was on May 15, 1910, in a victorious win against France.

The Italian national team is deemed as one of the most successful national teams in the world because it has cinched four World Cup titles since they joined the competition. They have won the 1934, 38, 82, and 2006 titles and were runners up during the 1970 and 1994 finals. They have also won one European Championship, one Olympic Gold, and two Central European Cups.

The football playing style of the Italians has been described as skillful and cunning. They have excellent attacks defined by their unpredictable runs which are difficult to contain. Their defensive style is also one to be reckoned with, described as cautious–shielding and distributing the ball back.

The Italian national team’s value in 2010 was reported to be 127 Million Euros based on player line up. Famous Italian players include Paolo Maldini and Giuseppe Meazza–considered to be the best Italian football player of all time.

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