While Real Madrid is still riding high after securing a seat in the Champions League quarterfinals despite losing to Schalke, the team might yet face another loss, as rumors of defensive midfielder Sami Khedira moving to the Royal Blues spark anew.

Speculations of Khedira’s move to Schalke intensified after the Germany international was absent from the team’s training on Thursday. However, the team’s management was quick to address the midfielder’s absence via a statement.

Missing from training were Khedira, who has gastroenteritis, and Pacheco, for personal reasons. Meanwhile, James [Rodriguez] continues with his recovery process.”

Nevertheless, rumors continued to circulate about his fate, with some sectors speculating that the supposed illness merely being a cover for the transfer. Online sports newspaper Marca earlier claim that there are several reports of Khedira signing a deal with Schalke on Wednesday, but none of these where confirmed.

Schalke chairman Clemens Tonnies was earlier quoted in an interview saying that he believes that Khedira is indeed interested in returning to the Bundesliga, where he played for Stuttgart from 2006 to 2010, before signing up with Real Madrid from 2010 to the present.

“It’s my impression that Khedira wants to return to the Bundesliga by all means. I believe he does not doubt that for a second. I believe that there aren’t too many clubs in Germany coming into question,” Tonnies told Bild on Wednesday.

Aside from Schalke, several other clubs have shown interest in getting Khedira, who is currently on the final three months of his current contract with the Whites. Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger was said to already have his eyes on the German since this summer, while Chelsea and Manchester United where also said to be eyeing him.

Khedira was mostly absent from Real Madrid’s campaign for the past year and a half due to injuries. His most recent start was in the game against Schalke earlier this month.

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