Manchester united worries continue after they lost the fourth consecutive match against their rivals, Manchester city. United are now placed at the 10th position with 13 points and 13 points below Chelsea who are at the top of the table.

Marcos Rojos father has also confirmed that Rojos will miss about three to four matches following a shoulder injury that he sustained during his derby against city. He will miss international friendlies for his country Argentina as they clash against Croatia on 12th November and Portugal on 18th this month.

His father claimed that Marcos is in good condition and the injury was not that serious as he just had a simple dislocation. He was stretched off the pitch in the second half and was replaced by Paddy McNair who was ready to take over the mantle.

Van Gaal also claimed that Marcos is likely to miss Manchester match against crystal palace on Saturday. United manager also told sky sports that they have a lot of injuries in the defence, but Michael Carrick and Paddy McNair displayed an impressive performance. Manchester are at a risk of being relegated if they happen to lose two or three of their upcoming matches.

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