With reports surfacing of Manchester City’s apparent interest in Jack Wilshere, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is quick to state that he is not planning to sell the midfielder anytime soon.

“We are not in a position anymore where we have to sell our best players,” the outspoken manager said in an interview. “We cannot make a case of any headline in any newspaper in a press conference from things that are not true.”

According to a report by ESPNFC, Manchester is said to be eying Wilshere, along with Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, as part of an effort to improve their squad’s line-up and address a notable lack of English players. While there is no confirmation yet, Man City is expected to give a bid for Wilshere by the end of the season.

Meanwhile, Wenger revealed that he is bringing back Wilshare to active play for their upcoming match against Burnley. The 24-year old midfielder had been sidelined since November due to an ankle problem. Along with Wilshere, Wenger is also set to return captain Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Debuchy, and Abou Diaby to the field for the Burnley game.

“They were at a good level physically and they should all be available from now on until the end of the season hopefully,” the 65-year old manager said of his players.

Wenger specifically took note of Debuchy, who was missing for 21 games following a major leg injury. “Debuchy is alright,” Wenger assured. “I could only play three players over the age of 21 [on Tuesday] so he is physically fit and ready.”

When asked about his team’s chances of overtaking Chelsea and winning the Premier League title, the manager stressed that he is not getting too much into the thought. “I have enough experience to know I have to live with reality, and reality is the next game. Unfortunately we don’t decide when it happens. “

Wenger stressed that their main focus as of current is on further improving the team’s performance.

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