Soccer tryouts involve potential players being given a chance to let other people see their skills. They also help the coaches to choose the best players. It does not matter if you are coaching an adult or a youth team because the same tryout options will give you an expectation of how each of the players can perform. You should plan your tryouts before the programmed date for you to have enough time to streamline your team.

What do you Want?

The first step is that the coach should be able to identify what they want to achieve from the soccer tryouts. If it is a youth team, it would be better to group the players into various teams and be within a league in order to make sure that the skill level is common in all teams. If the team is competitive, the tryouts are expected to select players who will play for the team.


The second step is that you should prepare and issue an evaluation form to each player. It should contain traits and general soccer skills which you expect the players to demonstrate. These include aggressiveness, passing, dribbling, ball control and speed. You are also supposed to include a ranking system after each skill as well as space for comments.

The List

The other step involves writing a list of the positions where each of the players you are selecting will each play. You should also write a list containing the traits or the skills required for each position. Attach the lists for every position on the evaluation form so that you can be able to assess every potential player.

Warm Up

After the above steps, you should now prepare for a warm up. The warm up helps in reducing the danger of getting injury during the tryout. Warming up as a group also helps the players to relax. Another important step is to conduct partner and individual drills which allow each player to demonstrate the skills contained in the evaluation form. For example, you may set up cones where each player would dribble through them. You can also pair up the players and let them pass and dribble the ball downfield, then rank each player according to the skills demonstrated.


Play with group of potential players and note how well they can play together. Write down notes on each player related to the skills listed on the sheet. Monitor the players and look for the ones who listened to your suggestions as well as showing determination while performing the drills. Check for those who have improved. Finally, review the forms you completed per each player, select the team and assign positions to every player. You will have the best team if you keenly follow the above steps.

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