How To Play Soccer For Kids?

There is a little kid on every block, in every part of the world who dreams of one day becoming a great soccer player. But how do kids learn how to play soccer? While it may be easier for adults, because their attention span is longer, a kid has to be kept attentive with every turn in learning something new. 

While soccer can be exciting, it can also be challenging in learning all of the different techniques that are required for a kid to be a great soccer player. 

If you are in the market for teaching your kid to play soccer, there are a few things that your child will need to know. As a parent, getting your kid into a great youth soccer program is a great start for beginning to teach a kid how to play soccer. Basic fundamentals and techniques must be learned and adhered to on a daily basis. 

A soccer sports regimen that can be rigorous must be learned by the child. You will also want to make sure that your kid has a passion for the game so that he will stick with it even during the difficult times of having to do soccer drills daily. And finally, your kid will need a great coach who has experience in training children in the fundamentals of soccer. 

How To Play Soccer For Kids: Learning The Basics Of Soccer

 When you are teaching your kid how to play soccer, it is best to start with the basics. A kid’s attention span is not long, so you will need to keep practicing daily soccer drills to a minimum time of about one hour daily. If your child is serious about soccer, then he will learn and grow, but if not, he will quickly begin to grow tired and put it down. 

Learning the basics like passing, ball control, defending techniques, goal keeping and goal playing, attacking the play are all a part of helping your kid learn the basics for becoming a great soccer player. 

Your child will need the smallest ball possible which is a size 3 ball for making sure that tiny hands and feet can control the soccer ball. 

As your kid grows, then you may increase his soccer ball size for him to handle. Only move him to the next size soccer ball after you see that he is able to control the ball with his legs, feet and other parts of his body. 

When you see him being able to kick and move the soccer all up the field with ease, then you can move him to the next size. 

How to Play Soccer for Kids: Great Soccer Youth Programs

If you are interested in helping your kid learn how to play soccer and get the correct techniques and fundamentals of the game, it is best to take him to a great youth soccer program, usually during the summer. 

These programs offer children the learning experience and know how, while making the sport fun for the child and also teaching how to be disciplined with learning his daily soccer drills for success. 

Once a child becomes a part of a youth program, he will begin to interact with other children who have an interest in the sport of soccer which also increases his teamwork and socialization skills. 

Passion For The Sport Of Soccer

 Kids have been known to show an interest in something and then move on quickly to something else. Make sure that your kid is ready for everything the sport of soccer has to offer. You will need to make sure that he has a passion for soccer which can be shown in how he plays the sport initially. 

Does he seem excited and want to truly learn is something that every parent must know before beginning to teach their kid to play soccer. Passion is a must for any sport as the child will work hard both individually and with his team in developing fundamentals and basic soccer skills on a daily basis, that will help him be his best on the soccer field. 

How to Play Soccer for Kids: Basic Soccer Drills 

 Once a child shows an interest in wanting to learn soccer, he will need to start learning basic soccer drills. There are soccer drills that he will work on individually and with his team in a group effort. Often times when you are teaching a kid to play soccer, repetition is the key and the best way for him to learn. 

You may want to go over a soccer drill a number of times slowly but surely until he is comfortable. Start with the most basic and simple skills first to help build his confidence. Once he picks up the smallest skills and techniques, allow him to slowly move to fundamentals that are a little more difficult. As he increases his learning of basic soccer drills, you may see him using these skills in other areas of his life as well. 

Finding The Right Soccer Coach For Your Child

 One of the best things that you can do for your child who wants to learn how to play soccer is to find him a great coach. His soccer coach will help him in developing his body to make it stronger so that he will have endurance and energy for staying on the field with rigorous play. He will also be experienced with helping him learn how to be a good loser, should this occur. 

His soccer coach will be his mentor so make sure that this is a person of quality and integrity. Your child’s coaching staff can often recommend a good soccer coach for your child in the community. 

And there are also leagues, usually during the summer that will accommodate the beginning kid who wants to learn soccer all the way up to a child who has started learning soccer and wants to advance his game. 

Buying the Right Equipment for your Child to Practice his Soccer Drills

One of the most important things that your child must learn is what equipment must be used as he begins to learn soccer. Doing daily basic soccer drills is important, but it is also key that he use the right equipment while practicing. There are great buys on youth soccer balls and goalie sets that can be purchased for your child to practice. 

While the youth equipment is usually smaller and easier to handle for your kid, it will make his transition onto the soccer field with his soccer team much smoother. 

While the youth equipment is usually smaller and easier to handle for your kid, it will make his transition onto the soccer field with his soccer team much smoother. 

Once a child is comfortable with the soccer ball and other equipment that he is using and practicing with on a daily basis, he will become more confident in knowing how to do each skill for easier ball control. 

Start with the smallest size soccer ball, which is a size 3 and the smallest soccer goal possible. This will allow your child to use his legs to kick the ball into the goal for scoring. He will be able to handle the smaller size 3 ball, while his hands, feet and entire body for learning how to control, defend and score. 

Take Your Child To A Professional Soccer Game/Talk with A Professional Soccer Players

While this may seem like an unusual strategy, one of the best ways to teach your kid how to play soccer is to show him how the professionals play. If you are fortunate enough to have a professional soccer team in your area, be sure and take your kid to a few of the games. 

While you will get great bonding time with your kid, he will also get a chance to see how the best in the world play the sport that he is beginning to love. 

Soccer is not for the weak at heart. This will teach him that everything requires hard work to make it to the top. It will also give him something to aspire to. If possible, have one of the professional soccer players speak with your kid after the game about the art of playing soccer and what are the best ways for a kid to learn. The professional soccer player may have ideas that you or his coach may not have thought of. 

Final Thoughts

These are some great ideas and advice about how to play soccer for kids. Make sure that he is learning the basics, has the simplest youth equipment and smallest ball size 3 for practicing his drills, techniques and fundamentals that are needed, keep him on an exercise program that will strengthen his body

 Register him into a summer youth soccer program where he can play with his own soccer team, make sure that he has a great coach who has the experience of teaching soccer to kids

Teach him slowly the basic soccer drills for passing, ball control, goal keeping, defense movement, protecting the ball, one on one situations, and running with the ball and take him to a professional soccer game or soccer practice where he can speak with the best players in the world and get ideas from them about how kids can best learn soccer.

This will have him playing the game of soccer with confidence very quickly and you will be able to say that your kid is on his way to becoming the best soccer player ever.

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