How to Kick a Soccer Ball

One of the most crucial elements of playing soccer and being successful at it is being able to kick a soccer ball effectively. This requires both, practice and patience in order to master successfully and be good with it. 

Without the proper guide, technique and tricks, it becomes very difficult to kick a soccer ball effectively. 

However, with proper technique, form and preparation all toppled with hours and hours of practice will only result in one thing: Mastery of kicking a soccer ball. Realizing that you need the proper information in order to kick a soccer ball effectively is very important, which is exactly what we'll be going over today.

The only way to properly kick and master kicking a soccer ball is with the right technique and practice. So, Let's Begin! 

Proper Shoes

Just like with any sport, the proper gear and equipment are very important for the success of the athlete. The exact same concept applies here to soccer. It's just as equally as important as practicing as it is to find the right Soccer Cleats.

Don't wear Soccer cleats that are twice your size or are half your size as that will ruin your game in the long run.

 Make sure you spend the right amount of time to find soccer cleats that are comfortable and fit you right so that you can begin practicing the right way and not get injure because you chose cleats that were too small. So, pick the right sized cleats for yourself! 

How to Kick a Soccer Ball: The Basics

Everything in life starts from the fundamentals, starting from scratch and learning the basics. It's very important in Soccer especially that you understand the basic concept of any skill. Whether, that be defending, kicking, goal keeping etc. 

The fundamentals of kicking a soccer ball starts off with the placement of the ball on your shoe.  There are two placements on your shoe: Number 1 is with the laces and Number 2 is with the inside of your foot. 

Figuring out which position on your shoe feels the most comfortable for you is crucial in order to always kick comfortably and in pressured situations.

 For a guideline, the inside of the foot is predominantly used for passing the ball to teammates whereas the laces are more for power and raw kicking strength. 

With kicking a soccer ball from the beginning it's important to realize that kicking the soccer ball right is not all about the power you kick it with, but the technique that is used to execute the kick.

A player can have the slightest power on the pitch but have the best technique and still be the number one kicker on that soccer team. 

So, in short, make sure you start off with the placement of the ball on your shoe, begin practicing by kicking the ball head on with your laces to generate the most power as possible when kicking the ball. 

How to Kick a Soccer Ball: The Initial Steps

Before approaching the ball, you need to find the right distance away from the ball before you begin your run up to kick the ball. 

A good rule of thumb for this is to take two to three steps back away from the ball and then depending on what foot you kick with step to the left one step or right one step. If you kick with your right foot take a step to the left.

 If you kick with your left, then take a step to the right. Now that you're the proper distance away from the ball, begin visualizing the run up. 

When kicking the ball, it's important to first visualize the kick or in other words, map out how the kick is exactly going to go. 

How to Kick a Soccer Ball: The Approach

Now it's time for the middle transition part of kicking the ball, which is basically the approach or the run up to go and strike the ball.

 With the run-up make sure you come at an angle which you should already be set up in as we talked about in "The Initial Steps" section, where you take 3 steps back and one step to the right or to the left depending on what foot you'll be striking with.

Now, begin running towards the ball slow at first and once you get to the middle between where you initially started and where the soccer ball is, begin to pick up the speed and head full force to the ball. 

Look down at the soccer ball, with quick steps approach next to it and plant your non-kicking foot right next to it as a base to support your kicking foot with power. 

Once you’re in this position, keep your eyes on the target and begin swinging your kicking foot toward the soccer ball. 

Make your arm in an airplane shape to attain balance when kicking the ball. It will also help you generate power.

How to Kick a Soccer Ball: The Finish

Finally, it's time for the funnest part of kicking the soccer ball, which is the final strike. With your non-kicking foot planted next to the ball, begin swinging your kicking foot toward the ball and strike the ball with your shoe laces and not your toes. 

Follow through with your kicking foot in the direction that you kicked and finish the follow through strong.

For the most optimal accuracy and power when kicking the ball, it's crucial that you hit the ball in the sweet spot.

 The sweet spot of the ball is right dead center in the middle and that's where you use all of your power to hit the ball, fully concentrate on the sweet spot and strike it with the middle of your shoe laces and follow through strongly to generate those turbine power kicks. 


It's very unlikely that your first kick ever will be gold. So now it's time to practice, practice and practice. Because at the end of the day, we all know that practice makes perfect.

So, practice each aspect of the kick. A very effective way to practice kicking a soccer ball is to focus on one targeted area every single day. Start off by practicing the run-up. Then the next day practice the approach.

 Then maybe the next day focus on the ball and shoe placement. Finally, practice the follow through. 

This way of practicing is super effective. It allows you to become a master at every element of kicking the ball, so that you can put it all together and formulate the perfect kick and completely dominate the field. 

Keep on practicing to get that upper advantage among your team mates, and make sure you practice the right way so that you can make the most out of you practice. 


Yes, there are different variations of kicking the soccer ball, so the best recommendation is that you start off with one and master it. You can then move on to the next after that. 

Some other variations of kicking the soccer ball include: The Bend kick, push kick, Outside kick, Toe Kick, Back Heel and a ton more. 

Once you find yourself mastering a lot of these kicks, then it’s time to branch out an try them in practice games. This will give you the opportunity to try out what you have been practicing in pressured situations. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, knowing the right execution and steps as well as the technique is the most important element of kicking a soccer ball right. Though power is important along with strength and flexibility, it's not the most important aspect to kicking a soccer ball. 

Make sure you understand the technique of striking a soccer ball down pack, to the point where it becomes second nature.

To make sure all your practices are done comfortably, make sure you pick the right shoes and understand the basics of kicking a ball. Now it's time for you to go out there and begin mastering how to kick a soccer ball. 

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