It is a likely thing that most of all soccer players have had to play against older players at some point in their lives. It usually is very frustrating to play against such players. They have the ability to muscle you away from the ball, strip it away from you, and make you look overly bad. However, what hurts the most perhaps is when they rub it into your face after the match. So, am sure you would love to know how to play against older soccer players. This article details exactly how to go about it.

Slow Down the Tempo

While playing against older soccer players, it helps significantly to slow down the tempo of the game. The reason for this is that older soccer players tend to be a lot more athletically developed and faster. With a slower game tempo, you can successfully retain the ball for spells of time, put a cap on the explosive athleticism of the old squad, and even create chances that could yield goals. One of the most effective ways to slow down the game tempo is to use back passes toward the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the one player who may use his hands as well as his feet, if he so wishes. This puts him in a position of advantage and he may aid slow down the game tempo significantly.

Short Passes

The mastery of the short passes is key to playing against older soccer players. As it has been pointed out by, many a soccer player, short passes create momentum and momentum ultimately leads to goals. For anyone who scoffs at this theory, he or she should take some time and observe the current world cup winning team. Short passes make the backbone of splendid plays. When the short pass is used, the passes become more accurate. Ball retention is thus improved and this means the older players do not enjoy too much of the ball. This tactic could very well help a younger soccer team to win matches even against older, more solid squads.

One or Two Touch Passing

The young soccer players must master one or two touch passing. The greatest quality about this kind of play is that it is virtually impossible to defend against. There is nothing much to do really except hope that the team makes an inaccurate pass to pounce on. If the younger player can master this, then it is a massive weapon to use against being stripped of the ball.

Pressing Hard

Pressing has to be the most vital tactic to employ. Without it, it is hard for the team to develop a solid short pass system; the team has to have the ball in order to implement this, and the best way to get the ball is by pressing hard. Pressing means hounding the opponents for the ball aggressively until you get it back. This translates to increased ball possession and diminished effectiveness of the older lot.

Finally, it must be noted that playing against older players is a great thing to do. It develops one’s touch, compels him to work on adapting to his physical and athletic inferiority, and ultimately makes him a better player.

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