Controlling a ball is one of the most essential facets of soccer that you can learn. Subsequent to you having conquered some typical moves such as lunge, scissors and hesitation moves, it is imperative that you proceed to more advanced techniques. The Maradona technique is one of the best sophisticated moves you can perform in order to be successful in faking out most defenders. If you always desire to twist on top of a ball and also get yourself past a player in the way that Diego Maradona did, the following are the steps guiding you on how to go about it and you shall be spinning past a defender at once.

Preparation Instructions

Practice on balancing your body while standing on one leg for a period of 30 to 45 seconds. Then bend your other leg up in order that your knee is positioned straight out in front of your body. Next, work on performing a body spin by first turning your upper body with your arms and shoulders, rising yourself up onto the ball and then pulling the lower body through the spin.

Doing the Maradona Move

Slowly dribble the ball forward as you pass it from your left foot to your right foot and then back again. Put your right foot at the top of the ball, resulting in the ball coming to complete halt. Your foot has to remain on top of the ball the entire time. Leap into the air while pushing up on the left foot. Then spin your body while on your right foot which should be on the ball. Replace the right foot with the left foot on top of the ball as your body continues the rotation. Roll the ball to the front with the left foot instead of doing a foot lift from the ball the same way you did with the right foot. Then dribble the ball away towards the Maradona move. Add a twist to the challenge by executing the Maradona move using the left foot. Boost the speed that you dribble the ball and continue practicing on the Maradona move until you can perform it fluidly when at full speed.

Note that it is advisable to do the Maradona technique sparingly. Avoid performing the move while defenders are very close to you that they can kick the ball from underneath your foot. You should perform the move within one second so as to ensure success. You might have to practice slowly until you can complete it under one second.

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