One way of maintaining and stretching the useful life of your soccer cleats is by keeping them clean at all time. This article takes you through the process so that next time your soccer cleats look dirty, you can clean them right away.

If you’ve played soccer in the rains, you know exactly how bad your cleats will look after that episode. The muddy field, splashing and clomping the dirty content of the brown soil on your cleats is not something you are prepared for. And in the event that it happens, then your skills on ‘how to clean your soccer cleats’ should be put to test.

 Get the Grime Off

The first step is to get rid of the dirt that has accumulated over the cleats. To get rid of dirt or mud, knock them sole to sole. Once you’re done, use your hand or a dry cloth to remove any mud that may have stack in between the grooves or the spikes. You can use a wet newspaper to clean the mud off.

Using Detergents

You realize that after removing the mud, you still haven’t got them sparkling clean. There’s something else you need to do. Mix some detergent with water, take a rough cloth, deep it into the mixture and use it to clean the cleats from every angle. Only ensure that you’ve drained water from the cloth before using it on the shoes.

Clean Water and Newspaper

You are not yet done. At this stage, give them a final run down using water to get rid of the detergent on the surface of the fabric. Once you’re done, take a second piece of cloth and wipe with clean water. Since water may have found its way into the shoes, roll some newspapers and stuff them in the cleats to absorb until the water is completely soaked out.

 Drying the Cleats

Drying your cleats is equally important, or else, you’ll ruin them with humidity. Put them somewhere cool and dry and make sure there’s plenty of wind running through. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, or else, the fabric will crack.

 Time to Polish

Since the shine and luster of the fabric of the shoes is already gone, you need to restore them with a high quality leather oil. This will moisturize the leather and help it last long.

 How to Store Your Cleats

Now that you’ve done a good work in cleaning them. You should know how to properly store them as well. It’s recommended that you store them in a spacious bag to allow them breathe in. Ensure that they are dry before storing them.

The above steps will help you increase the longevity of your cleats. They will save you from buying new cleats time to time.

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