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How Much Do Professional Soccer Players Make?

You have been dreaming about becoming a professional soccer player for as long as you can remember. You have also been in the soccer leagues as a kid and are now playing soccer in college. You have a great knowledge about the game of soccer and you want to turn that knowledge into a career. 

One of the biggest questions that you have is how much does a professional soccer player make? This question can be answered on two levels. If you are in a country where soccer is a popular sport then you will make more than a place where it is increasing in popularity. 

Usually those players with top skills can make a great living, but what about those players who are still playing on the field and enjoy the game just as much? 

These are all important things to know as you begin your quest of becoming a professional soccer player. Remember to keep an open mind and that you are actually getting into playing the sport professionally because you have a strong passion for the game. This should be your number one reason for playing. 

But let's look at some of the salaries for top players and others, as well as how much each position can realistically expect to make. While there are different factors that can make these number go up or down, this will give you an idea of how much you can expect to earn. 

How Much Do Top Soccer Players Make?

 Soccer is one of the most followed sports around the world. Because of its two hundred fifty million viewership during the season and the popularity in so many countries, the top soccer players in the world are pulling in average salaries between twenty million and over one hundred million dollars. 

These salaries are the range for the most elite players which is only a small fraction of the soccer players on the field in the world today. These players include:

  • Angel Di Maria
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Luis Suarez
  • Wayne Rooney
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Gareth Bale
  • Neymar Jr
  • Lionel Messi
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

While you may not earn the salaries that these players are making, the game of soccer does offer professional players great room for advancement, sponsorships and other great perks that the world of sports is known for. 

Average Salary A Soccer Players Make In MLS: Men And Woman 

The average salary for a male soccer player in the year 2019 in the MLS is over three hundred sixteen thousand dollars annually. 

The numbers have seen a drastic increase of over twenty-four thousand dollars and is seeing an increase every year. Keep in mind that this average also includes the top salaries from the elite players. 

The popularity of the sport around the world combined with the loyalty of the fans to want more and will pay to see it, makes soccer one of the most growing sports in the world with regards to increasing salaries for male professional players. 

Women now have a fledgling league where salaries are at a minimum of fifteen thousand dollars and can go as high as forty-four thousand dollars per player. 

There are also many different levels within the sport of soccer for both men and women, which is another depending factor for how they are individually paid. 

Highest Paid Goalie Salaries In Soccer 

 While there are different levels in the game of soccer when it comes to your position as a goalie, your worth is dependent upon your skills. Some of the highest paid goalies in the game earn between over three million to ten million dollars per year. These are the elite players such as:

  • Claudio Andres Bravo Munoz
  • Marc Andre Ter Stegen
  • Salvatore Sirigu
  • Thibaut Cortois
  • Gianluigi Buffon
  • Petr Cech
  • Hugo Lloris
  •  Iker Casillas
  • Manuel Neuer
  • David de Gea

The goalie is often one of the highest paid players from each team as they are the ones who keep the opposing teams from scoring. They are also often the captains of their individual teams which brings in more salary perks as well.  

Highest Paid Fullback Salaries In Soccer 

The highest paid fullbacks make between just over five million to just over fourteen million dollars per year. These are the male players as the female soccer players are a fledgling league and make much less. These players include: 

  • Gregory Van Der Wiel
  • Marcelo
  • Leighton Baines
  • Filipe Luis
  • Gael Clichy
  • Glen Johnson
  • Dani Alves
  • Bacary Sagna
  • Luke Shaw
  • Philipp Lahm

Highest Paid Female Soccer Players In The MLS League

Within the women's soccer fledgling league, there are some players who are making above the average salary cap for their individual team. The ten highest paid female soccer players in the world earn between sixty thousand to four hundred fifty thousand dollars per year. They include:

  •  Laure Boulleau
  • Jonelle Filigno
  • Hope Solo
  • Nilla Fischer
  • Amandine Henry
  • Nicole Banecki
  • Heather Mitts
  • Abby Wambach
  • Marta and Alex Morgan

Top 5 Soccer Leagues Around The World Who Offer The Highest Salaries 

While there are a number of soccer leagues around the world, there are 5 where the most elite players in the world are fortunate enough to play. They include: La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and MLS. 

If you are beginning to formulate your plan for playing professional soccer and you want the best playing environment, these should be the top choices for your agent to begin searching for the best soccer career for you. 

Top 10 Countries Where Soccer Is best To Play And Offers The Highest Salaries

There is no better feeling for a professional soccer player to be where the fans are truly in love with the sport. These countries are loyal to the professional soccer players and will pay to see them play weekly. 

The countries where soccer is the most popular and also offers the highest in salaries are: Portugal, The Netherlands, Uruguay, England or the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Argentina, Italy, Germany and Brazil which is the place that is widely known as soccer country. 

Highest Paid Male Soccer Players In The Premier League

Within the Premier league of soccer, the top twenty-five soccer players have salaries that range from almost nine million dollars to just over twenty-one million dollars. These are male soccer players as the women are paid much less. Some of these players include: 

  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Mesut Ozil
  • Paul Pogba
  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Sergio Aguero
  • Harry Kane
  • Riyad Mahrez
  • Eden Hazard
  • Fabinho Tavares

Highest Paid Soccer Players in the La Liga Soccer League

Within the La Liga league, the top players earn between just over nine million to just over twenty-eight million dollars annually. These players include:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Gareth Bale
  • Lionel Messi
  • Iker Casillas
  • Neymar
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • David Villa
  • Dani Alves
  • Marcelo
  • Xavi Hernandez

Market Value For The Highest Paid Soccer Players In The Serie A Italian Soccer League

When it comes to market value and salaries, there are none that are higher than the Serie A Italian soccer league. The top players here have market values between fifty million to one hundred million dollars. They include:

  • Joao Cancelo
  • Milan Skriniar
  • List Kalidou Koulibaly
  • Allan
  • Miralem Pjanic
  • Lorenzo Insigne
  • Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
  • Mauro Icardi
  • Paulo Dybala
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

Average Bundesliga Soccer Team Salary

There are eighteen teams in this league and one that is newly formed bringing the total to nineteen Bundesliga soccer teams. The average salaries for these teams range from four hundred ten thousand for the entire F C Nurnberg team to over eight million dollars for the Bayern Munich team. 

This league, although considered an elite league has some of the lowest salaries in the spectrum of the top 5 soccer leagues in the world. 

Final Thoughts

While playing soccer will depend upon the level of soccer where you are playing, the country and the popularity of the sport and of course if you are in one of the five elite leagues, your salary could maintain you a very luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

Keep in mind that these players work long and hard, even during the off season to maintain their bodies for the rigorous schedule of playing soccer weekly. 

However, with salary caps increasing along with the popularity of viewership of over two hundred fifty million and counting, soccer is definitely here to stay. Large salaries in the millions of dollars bring the best players from around the world to play a sport that is loved by so many. 

Viewers watch their favorite players come and show their skills and talents while making a highly comfortable living. While the minimum salary for male soccer players is usually around fifty thousand dollars and for female soccer players around fifteen thousand dollars, the level of advancement can move you up the chain to a successful soccer career very quickly. 

And in places that are known for soccer like Brazil, the salaries could explode into the stratosphere. With great teams like Manchester United and others bringing a higher level of play each week, the soccer fans are continuously drawn and focused on whose team will win in each soccer league. 

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