When people ask about what soccer is, a lot of people think that they can answer it immediately. It will be easy to accept that soccer is just another game. This is probably the very first thing that people will answer when somebody, usually a kid asks them. The next thing that people will ask is what kind of game it is and people will probably give some vague answers about something that is played on the field with a black and white ball.

If you are like me and you are naturally interested in the game then soccer is not just a game to you. Soccer is Love, Joy, Peace, Perfection, Meaning of Life, Happiness and Everything Else. It is the one thing that most of us can’t live without. However, if you are new to the game and want to know how it all got started. Then look no further, because this article is here to educate you.

How Soccer Got Started

One of the things that people would like to know about soccer is how it got started. If you are interested in the game, it is likely that you are wondering the same thing. So how did soccer start? According to studies, soccer was first played in China during 2nd century BC. This will fall under the Han dynasty wherein people used balls that were made out of leather.  However, the game did not only spark interest in the Chinese. The Greeks were also very interested in playing with leather balls. They did not play with it with other opponents. Rather, they played it for fun so that they can pass time. It is likely that soccer was already being played in different parts of the world. However, it was unrecorded by historians so we do not know much beyond what is mention above.

Early Soccer

The soccer that we are familiar with right now started in England wherein people started playing the game to win against each other. In the past, there were a lot of violent incidents that involved a lot of players kicking and biting each other in order to get the ball. It became so violent that there were reports about people who were in high positions trying to stop the game from taking place. For a certain period of time, people did not openly play soccer. If they did, it was probably hidden.

Modern Century Soccer

We can already consider the 18th century as the start of modern century soccer when more and more schools and universities started to recognize the sport. Back then, instead of trying to stop people from playing, it was already encouraged provided that there were some rules that were going to be followed. Some of the basic rules of soccer are the following:

  • There are two groups that are going to play each time.
  • Tripping, kicking and carrying the ball on people’s hands were not allowed.
  • As long as the ball stays inside the field, the game is in play.

Aside from the rules mentioned above, there were still other rules that people would have to follow so that they could play. There were also other schools that did not want to adjust their rules to the ones mentioned above. They would rather have the rules of rugby which allows kicking as well as hitting other player’s shins. So the rules that were followed depend on the school or organization. During the 1800s, the Football Association was set up and they were the ones who made sure that there were rules that will be uniformly followed by everyone. One of the most important rules that they have placed is the fact that the ball should not be touched in any way. During this time, the popularity of the sport was spreading throughout the world. There were a lot of people who became interested in the sport because it was introduced to them by traders, sailors and other people who were travelling to different parts of the world. More and more people became familiar with it as time went by.

Important Events in the History of Soccer

Like with other games, there were some events that made soccer important or more interesting to other people. Let us talk about the different events in detail:

  • 1827 – Soccer was first played in America. There are some people who are saying that this cannot be considered officially as soccer because of the rules that people used. They were following rugby rules so there were a lot of violence involved.
  • 1863 – This was the year when the Football Association was formed. After this, they started changing some things about the game and at the same time, this year marked the start of soccer trending amongst a lot of people.
  • 1872 – This was the year when the first official soccer game was played. The fight was between England and Scotland. After this game, the sport has acquired a lot of fans from different parts of the world.
  • 1915 – England and Germany stopped their fight for a while in order to have a free for all soccer game ball fight. While it was good while it lasted, it did not last long. After the short peace, the two countries were back at each other’s throats again.
  • 1921 – The American Soccer League was created and the sport even became more popular amongst a lot of people.

Aside from the dates mentioned above, there may still be other dates that people will find memorable but the ones mentioned above are the important ones as far as history is concerned. We all have to admit that through the years, soccer has tremendously changed from being a harmless game that people used to past time to a very blood bearing game wherein people almost lost their lives in order to win and finally to the kind of soccer that we know today wherein there are millions of fans all over the world hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite team or player. Truly, you can consider soccer a very popular sport.

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