After disqualifying Morocco from taking part and hosting the Africa cup of nations earlier in the week, Hayatou, president of confederation of Africa football claimed that the new host will be named soon.

The announcement was made on Wednesday after CAF officials met at Cairo and concluded that they will name the hosting country in two to three days after evaluating the interested parties. Morocco was stripped the responsibility and also thrown out of the 2015 Africa cup on Tuesday after they refused to host the tournament on fears based on spread of Ebola.

Despite the fear of the deadly virus that have killed more than 4000 people in West Africa, Angola, Ghana and Nigeria has shown the interest of hosting the tournament in 2015. However, there is no country that has stood publicly to claim the willingness of hosting the tournament.

CAF had approached several countries to host the event, but South Africa, Sudan, Egypt and Algeria have ruled themselves out.

Hayatou claimed that delaying the event as Morocco had suggested would have hurt the relationship between CAF and its sponsors, while some European clubs could fail to release some of African top players due to a reschedule. He also added that a postponement would be like signing a death warrant for football in Africa.

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