With his team pulling off a surprise 2-1 win against Manchester City on Monday, Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew hails striker Glenn Murray for his performance during the match as one of the best that he has shown.

“I thought Glenn gave an exceptional performance,” Pardew said during an interview by Sky Sports. Forget about his goal, it was a real lesson in how to play the No.9,”

Murray shot the first goal of the match that gave the Eagles an early lead in the match. This is his fifth goal in five Premier League games, which puts him statistically as one of the most efficient scorers in the current season.

“This is a guy who’s had a terrible time with injuries,” the manager remarked of Murray’s performance.  The 31-year old striker has been plagued with injuries, the latest being a serious knee injury that he suffered at the end of the 2012-2013 season. The said injury had him sidelined for a year following treatment and recovery.

“This is a guy who should have been in the Premier League many years ago and I’m so pleased for him that he is getting the reward for the quality that he has.”

Pardew was also very pleased with the performance of his team as a whole during t6he match. “For us, this was a huge occasion because you have got champions coming here knowing they are under pressure,” he remarked. “The game didn’t really unfold as I would have perceived it because we didn’t see enough of the ball and our two wide players in not effective.”

“Yet our diligence, our character and reliance, as well as having a good shape to us was enough just to see us home, with two quality moments for us.”

With the win, Crystal Palace is already assured a seat in the Premier League for next season. The team’s next goal is to reach the 45 points gathered by former manager Tony Pulis last year.

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