With Arsenal meeting Chelsea on Sunday, Blues midfielder Cesc Fabregas is set to come face to face against his former team. And Gunners manager Arsene Wenger says that he should be given the same respect as any player on the team.

“I want every player to be respected and for Cesc Fabregas, when he comes to the Emirates on Sunday, to be respected because he deserves it,” the manager requested during the pre-game press conference.. “He is a great player. It is difficult for every player who has played almost every game this season to be at the top of his game every game, but he is a great player.”

Fabregas, who was once a captain of the team, left Arsenal in 2011 to move to Spanish team Barcelona. In 2014, the 27-year old player decided to make his Premier League comeback, but instead of returning to his former club, he instead signed up with the Blues.

Fans have expressed their displeasure over Fabregas’ departure and move to a different team when he came back. The midfielder has once said in an interview in 2013 that he won’t be playing in any other team aside from Arsenal in the English league. However, Wenger is confident that the feelings have since subsided.

Wenger also addressed the question as to why he did not try to bring back Fabregas last summe.l He stressed that he did not regret the move. “Look, the regret I have is that he wanted to leave here. This club and myself had a very positive on Cesc’s life, so it is a bit uncomfortable trying to justify myself why he is not here today,” he said.

The outspoken manager also says that he expects their opponent will put up a tough challenge. “Chelsea have been very efficient on counter attack and set-pieces as well.”

“To nullify that strength will be very important. We will adapt to what they do and try to find a solution. The challenge for us in top level sport is to find solutions to every problem you meet.”

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