After Javier Hernandez made a great showing for Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, there is now a clamor to have him move permanently to the team. However, reports say that it might cost the Whites some money.

In a report published by newspaper AS, it is estimated that it will cost Real at least €10 million to have Hernandez permanently sign into their ranks. The 26-year old forward is currently on loan to Los Blancos from his parent team Manchester United. Real reportedly paid United €2.5 million to get the agreement going, to which they added another €3 million as contribution to Hernandez’s wages.

Hernandez expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility. “One of my goals is to continue working with Madrid,” he said in an interview. “You have to live in the present. I do not know what can happen from here until a month from now.”

“Football changes very quickly, lots of things are talked about, and now other things. I am very good, very happy, and very confident. I have lots of short-term goals. I hope to continue to help out,” Hernandez further expressed.

Interest in getting Hernandez to become a permanent part of the Real side grew after his impressive showing in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinals match against city rival Atletico. The forward pulled off a late  goal in the 87th minute of the match to get Real past their city rivals and bring them into the semis.

Before his pivotal match, Hernandez was struggling to create a presence in his team this season. His opportunity to shine came in when he was tapped by team manager Carlo Ancelotti to serve as a starter in place of the injured Karim Benzema. “The Coach told me a few days ago I would play. I kept on doing what I was doing and I was prepared,” he said of the opportunity during the post-game interview.

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