With his team advancing to the Champions League finals, Barcelona’s Gerard Pique says he is looking forward to a duel with Real Madrid for the cup.

“The truth is I am not really bothered at all, the important thing is to be there,” Pique saiud when asked if there was a team a team that he prefers to go against in the finals. “Then whoever we get we will set out to play the game. [Although] it would be very exciting to be the first to play in a Champions League final against our biggest rival. It would be something historic.”

The two Spanish clubs have been heated rivals in the last few years, with them facing off in several of the most memorable matches in European football, dubbed as Clasico. The last Clasico was in the La Liga in February, where Real won 2-1. Currently, Madrid is trailing behind Italian club Juventus 2-1 in their own Champions semis match.

Barcelona pushed through to the finals despite losing against Bayern Munich in the second leg of their semis match after the Barcas registered a 5-3 aggregate.  Neymar was the hero of the night for the team as he scored the two goals in the first half that dashed the Bavarians’ hope of entering the finals.

Pique’s teammate said that he was happy that they are moving to the finals. However, he was cautious in stating what their chances would be. He stressed that there is still one more step before they can fully celebrate their success.

Meanwhile, Barca coach admitted that he is thrilled with the possibility of a treble for his squad for this season, but echoed Neymar’s statement that they are still some way off. the team is poised to grave the La Liga title with just a win away, while they are also set to go head to head with Atletico Bilbao for the Copa del Rey.

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