After iTV sports analyst Roy keane criticized Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale for his “absence” following his team’s 2-1 loss against Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League semis, Bale’s agent hits back on the former Manchester United midfielder.

“Why should we take any notice of comments from people who don’t know what they are talking about — and from people who have failed in management?,” Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett made the snap back at Keane in an interview by BBC. Barnett also took shot at Keane’s managerial record when he handled Sunderland.

Keane had earlier criticized Bale’s performance during his team’s loss to Juventus on Tuesday, asserting that the winger was effectively “absent” for the entire duration of the match. “It’s very difficult to win a big game like this when you’re only playing with 10 men,” the former player remarked in his commentary. Meanwhile, BBC Radio 5 commentator Pat Nevin suggested that the 25-year old’s unflattering performance was due to an air of uneasiness between him and

The agent also insisted that his ward is not affected by the criticisms lobbed against him, saying that Bale is totally focused with his work at Real. The agent also played down rumors linking to a transfer to Manchester United, as well as a move Che4lsea.

Meanwhile, Real boss Carlo Ancelotti defended his de4cision to do a last minute substitution  and take out Bale in the 86th minute of the match. “I subbed him because he was tired and is still coming back from an injury,” Ancelotti reasoned out, stressing that Blae is a crucial player that he doesn’t want to lose at this point.

Earlier, Real defender Sergio Ramos admitted that they had made several crucial mistakes that cost them the match. However, he also said that his squad is not dwelling on it too much and is optimistic that they will be able to come back in the second leg.

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